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Choose from 100+ Unicorn Startups, Top Product Companies, MNC’s and more…

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Share your candidates with multiple companies and increase your conversion rate by 3X.

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You decide your work schedule. Work from Mountains ( or beaches if you like), Spend time with your family, and get a stable work-life balance.

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Work on your choice of domain(s) - Tech, Product, Marketing & more…

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Increase conversion rate by sending each candidate for multiple roles.

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TalentXO will take care of Interviews, Assignments, Feedback & more….


"It's a Privilege to work with Talent XO Team ! The Clients they have, are the Leading Product/Software Companies in the Industry, looking for Best Talent across the Country. Working with them, has given us so much exposure to the Product Hiring domain. Also, the TalenXO Team takes the burden off your shoulders, since, majority of the Coordination work is taken care by TalentXO internal Team members and we get time to more focus on Sourcing the Right Talent ! Not just that, TP utilization ( where, their Team members are working on re-utilizing the Previous / Old Candidate Pipeline) is also appreciable, as in the Recruitment industry, re-utilization is a major factor, which the Recruiter(s) usually miss out on !, and that is being taken care here @ Talent XO ! All the People associated to TalentXO - Varun, Sneha and Istuti have been very supportive, always. In terms of Clearing out the Invoice/Payments in a timely fashion, the Team has shown enough support and has helped build Trust and Association !"
Kashish, Talent Partner

363 Profiles shared

"I've been working with Talentxo for the last 8 months as a freelance recruiter. It's been wonderful experience because I'm getting quick feedback on profiles and getting quick responses on every single query."
Shweta, Talent Partner

239 Profiles shared

"Really happy to share my experience working as a Talent Partner!!! The support we get from all people around is amazing and motivates me to work more every day. To be frank I have tried with other companies but the response and opportunities with Talent XO is unmatchable. I am very excited to be associated with Talent XO, Thank you Talent XO team for providing opportunity to many freelancers like me to work. "
Shruthi, Talent Partner

171 Profiles shared

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Strong Client Relationship & Tech-Integration to get faster updates on your "Applications and Jobs"

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Instant Communication with TalentXO Team for a hassle free engagement. Resolve your queries, Get hiring drive updates & more...

Partner Success Manager

A dedicated person for your business success is just a call away. Get personalised Recommendations for Jobs, Sourcing strategy & more...


We are Business Partners!

Sky's the limit for your earning potential. Earn 3% of the Candidate's CTC for every job you close. Work more, Earn more…

Better Conversion Rate

Get Access to 500+ TalentXO Clients, share your candidates for multiple roles to increase conversion rate by 3X. In Simple Words - Earn a lot of 3% Success Fee with the same efforts

Total Earning Potential

There's a lot of money to be made. Our Talent Partners have a Total Earning Opportunity of 5Cr+ (and growing fast…)

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We bring you a plethora of roles with a huge client base to hire for. Our distinctive model enables an exciting recruitment experience enhancing avenues of revenue generation for you.

Our pre designed workspace is fully automated which gives your realtime feedback & updates for the candidates shared by you without the need for follow ups.

Currently our talent partners manage their own end-to-end sourcing. Post sourcing TalentXO provides efficient and adequate support to make the process successful.

Yes, we have assigned a dedicated community manager to address all your queries and concerns regarding the engagement.

The earning opportunities with us are exponential. We share with you 3% of candidates fixed CTC on successful closure. You can earn between 30k to 3lac per closure depending on the budget of the role.

Yes, we are flexible on hours you can work with us as long as it aligns and abides with your current company policy.

With our extensive client base, we reutilise the non-hired profiles for other similar openings internally which increases the possibility of closure for you.